5 gifts for new mums (when you want to be original and thoughtful)

5 gifts for new mums (when you want to be original and thoughtful)

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5 gifts for new mums (when you want to be original and thoughtful)

Your loved one has had a baby and you want to send a thoughtful present which shows you put a little time and effort in. Instead of going straight for that baby grow, or huge hamper on the first website your internet search returns, you want to know 'what gift would this new mum really like?'  So here are some of our top suggestions:

Charcuterie and Cheese

Yes, you used to spend hours meeting up after work ordering a bottle of red, and picking your favourite cheese and charcuteries to nibble on whilst you told each other your troubles, hopes and dreams. Then came pregnancy, and these treats took a firm backseat (along with sushi and caffeine). So now that baby is born and the unpasteurized dairy and cured meat ban has been lifted, why not give the gift of cheese and cold cuts. 

We particularly like the selections available at this all-time favourite Bath establishment, The Fine Cheese Co. They also provide charcuteries - did you say salami with truffle? Oh, go on then.



The Dream Sheep 

Now they can't say those good intentions of a good night's sleep weren't well meant, even if probably not very achievable. But now Ewan comes in grey as well as classic purple, he's even harder to resist. Soft and cute for the baby (doubles up as an entertainer too), and has a calming effect on the parents at least, if not the little one.

Ewan the Dream Sheep



What don't new parents have lots of time to think about? Dinner! If you don't trust your own culinary skills to nourish the new parent(s), then let COOK help you. Pick out some tasty dishes (if you know exactly what your bestie would fancy at the end of a long hard day), or a voucher for new mum to pick herself and COOK will send these tasty, healthy meals straight to their door. All freezable, so there, dinner sorted. 

COOK food


Nice smelly bath things

Turn that 30 seconds of me-time-shower-time into an aromatherapy dream. If you're feeling extra generous, maybe you can offer to hold the baby whilst she tries out this nice new bath soak you bought her?

Shea Mooti - Mama's 'Take the Rough with the Smooth' Soothing Bath Soak

Nursing Tops

No surprises here that we think nursing tops  make great gifts for new mums, especially for your best mate or sister who's wardrobe you know inside out. You almost started to feel sorry for her when she showed you the drab, shapeless breastfeeding tops that someone suggested she stock up on (yikes). You may think the tops from Milk Tops London look like lovely everyday items because that's what they are! So make her feel like the well-dressed power woman that she always has and will be.  

Which classic wardrobe lifesaver do you think she would like the most?

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