Are nursing clothes necessary? - Your Breastfeeding Capsule Wardrobe Edit

Are nursing clothes necessary? - Your Breastfeeding Capsule Wardrobe Edit

This post is brought to you by Milk Tops London — Feel like a boss with our nursing tops, shirts, and dresses.

“What nursing clothes do I need? Are nursing clothes worth it? Do I really need them at all?!”

As with all wardrobe, parenting and life decisions, the answer is, it’s completely up to you!

You certainly shouldn’t buy a new wardrobe of items you feel no spark or excitement towards just for the functionality sake of it (ok with the exception of nursing bras – they’re really quite useful).

However, sometimes a little blog post with a few helpful suggestions on where to start goes down a treat. So, here’s our mini mantra that helps redefine the mum wardrobe:

“As with everything clothes related, we like one or two investment pieces and then to mix them up with what we already have”. 

First things first, redefining the nursing wear conundrum - investment pieces:

 Crossover shirt for breastfeeding

A black crossover shirt. For those moments in the day when you want to veer towards a smarter look, you’ve been invited to a meetup and will need to breastfeed or are just out and about. Goes with most things in your basic wardrobe, jeans, any type of trouser / even joggers (for that urban chic look),

No surprises that we think this black nursing shirt is perfect.



Silky soft oversized jersey (with concealed inner vest)

Causal, but elegant, and incredibly soft, our second investment piece is this loose-fitting batwing top. Designed to hang loosely, with an oversized look, this everyday essential has an inner vest that provides some extra chest coverage when accessing your boob via the pull-down neckline. Again, extremely versatile.

For functionality and more info see here.

nursing top on hanger by Milk Tops London — UK designers of fashionable nursing wear

 Dress like you, a mum, rather than dress like a mum. Now for a rummage of your wardrobe

  • Basic elasticated vest tops – you know, those old ones lying around at the back of your chest of drawers. You might not like them anymore but they’re having a resurgence now, and in some weird way they’re familiar and comforting.
  • Loose fitting sweaters (perfect for layering over basic elasticated vest top) - machine washable and stretchy is perfect
One tried and tested oldie but goodie is the vest top and loose jumper/sweatshirt combo. Jumper goes up, stretchy vest top pulls down underneath – voila. Jumper and vest breastfeeding combo
  • Jeans - maternity jeans, jeggings, your old jeans that you can’t believe fit you now
  • Stretchy comfy trousers – we love pairing these with the shirt look
  • Espadrilles – (for Spring and Summer) - casual Parisian chic covered
  • A dressing gown – because who cares if you’re not leaving the house anyway!
  • Baby-friendly accessories – less likely to be in your wardrobe, we love these teething bracelets from lara and ollie
  • Scarfs / pashminas / scarf blankets – Re-use your existing sets for coverage or warmth anytime, anywhere


So there we have it, our balanced approach to a breastfeeding capsule wardrobe. By no means an exhaustive list but get creative with what you already have and keep an eye out for those investment pieces that might just become your ‘going out’ lifesavers.

If you liked the look of the suggested investment pieces and would like to find out more, you can explore our collection of nursing clothes


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