About Milk Tops London

The Brand

For women post-pregnancy, during breastfeeding and beyond.

Our Mission

Challenge the stereotype of the one size fits all “mum category” Mothers will be pigeonholed no more.

Our Beliefs 

Selfhood:  “The quality that constitutes one's individuality” – You are still you!
Design:  “The art of designing, the aesthetic” – You want to wear well-designed pieces that make you feel like a boss (you are the boss).
Function:  “Work or operate in a proper or particular way” – Style is everything,   but so is practicality. 
Founders of Milk Tops London discuss their new range or nursing tops

Our Story

We’re Clare and Lucy, founders of Milk Tops. When it comes to nursing clothing, the choices that spring to mind haven't always been particularly... appealing. So many times we heard the complaint that breastfeeding clothes were frumpy and boring, and to be honest mildly terrifying.
Inspired by a future where motherhood doesn’t need to equal stylistic Armageddon, we took to our own wardrobes, pulled out our favourite items for inspiration and created our first range based on our beliefs. 
You can shop our first collection of nursing clothes  and on Instagram @milktopslondon.
Goodbye pigeonhole!


Clare and Lucy. x